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FOB Narita-Tokyo International Airport Price List (JPY)@


œSelect the desired item and quantity@is included in the set
Doll Name Main body set
Delux Set Standard Set Standard Set w/o Wig Main Body only
Unit JPY Qty Unit JPY Qty Unit JPY Qty Unit JPY Qty
Yumi 118,700 85,700 73,500 71,000
Michiko 119,600 79,600 67,400 64,900
Rumiko 118,700 85,700 73,500 71,000
Naomi 118,700 85,700 73,500 71,000
Yuuko 85,800 65,600 53,400 50,900
Yohko 85,800 65,600 53,400 50,900
Chris 85,800 65,600 53,400 50,900
Kumiko 289,000 267,000 253,000 250,000
Carol 289,000 267,000 253,000 250,000

Extra Parts
Wig & Hair Unit JPY Qty Clothings Unit JPY Qty Inserts Unit JPY Qty
Wig, semi-long, Blk. 11,200 Stockings 2,500 Insert (std,) 8,500
Wig, long, straight, Blk. 12,700 DLX lingerie set 19,800 Insert type Z 12,000
Wig, contemporary, Blk. 14,300 Bra, Yohko/Yuuko/Chris 2,700 Insert type S 12,000
Wig, long, fair 12,700 Bra., for others 4,800 Insert type V 15,000
Wig, short, bright 11,200 Pyjama Yohko/Yuuko/Chris 5,300 Insert for Kumiko/Carol 12,000
Pussy hair, Blk. only 17,000 Pyjama for others 6,300 145cc lotion 3,200
Make up Unit JPY Qty Panty, Yohko/Yuuko/Chris 2,000 Secret love pillow 29,800
Eye ball set 12,000 Panty for others 3,000          
Initial Make-up 5,000                    
Make-up set 3,500                    

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